Southern heirloom bust portraits are classic and simple and should be a staple in every southern household. Heirloom vignette portraits were often given as gifts to loved ones and were often displayed in the home, serving as cherished mementos and keepsakes. Today, these heirloom vignette portraits are prized by families and are a window into the past, offering a glimpse into the lives of our ancestors; as well as a way to document our children in a timeless and classic way and create a tangible piece of art that can be handed down for generations.

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What to expect when you commission Candace for heirloom portraits:

 ~exceptional attention to detail
~bright, clean edits
~beautiful, natural skin tones
~finished, luxury artwork

I offer an ever-growing wardrobe of true heirloom clothing in sizes 6months through 10 years for girls and 6months - 6T in boys. There is no need to go out and purchase a $150+ heirloom outift that your child will wear for just one time. Save your money on the outfit purchase and invest that into something that is timeless and will absolutely have longevity. You simply show up, select the outfit(s) that you love, dress your child, and that’s it! How much easier could it be?!?

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“We had some one year old portraits done earlier this year and they were so gorgeous I had to get my other children in for photos. I now have these gorgeous heirloom photos framed and hanging on my wall. And they make me happy every time I pass them. Thank you so much, Candace Hires, for making this process so seamless and fun. I didn't have to buy outfits or coordinate them or search for sizes or even get them dressed at home and then get all wrinkled on the way. Candace has an incredible wardrobe full of the most precious clothes for these portraits, and then she helps you pick out frames and mattes and all the confusing things that can keep us from ordering, framing, and hanging up photos. The best experience.”

~The Tippett Family~

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